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Motto: “Compete to Win”

Constantly pushing his mental and physical limits through adventure, Mark shares lessons learned in meaningful and productive ways with coaching training and consulting clients. He helps leaders from all sectors navigate change, embrace innovation, and build their bottom lines with high-octane collaboration and decision-making tactics and tools.

Mark’s many relevant successes include coaching and training more than 300 team members in a large, direct-sales organization, and training and mentoring a global resort development team for total real estate sales of $250 million. He also taught and ran Canadian Military t raining programs, and became an advanced driving instructor.

Having done what he teaches, Mark has a competitive advantage over other professional coaches, trainers, and consultants. As an ultra marathon runner, triathlete, and race car driver, he knows first-hand what it’s like to be laser-focused on finishing first. To that end, he also understands the critical importance of confidence and innovation, and their vital roles in helping you tackle challenging tasks, prepare for organizational change, and thrive in high-stress environments.

So, whatever ‘race’ he runs with you, Mark will focus passionately on your every step, encouraging you to stay the course by working through fear (which he says is friend, not foe) and ignorance (which is merely laziness in disguise).


Motto: “Ignore the Rules”

At the age of 11, Mark started a home-based printing company. By 15 he’d registered his first company in the UK, which still operates today. To celebrate Mark’s success, the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management named him one of the youngest Fellows in the history of the organization.

After moving to Canada in 1988, Mark began buying and operating businesses from many sectors, and consulting on projects and domestic and overseas businesses. He also sat on the Board of Directors for many corporations and organizations.

Currently, Mark is a Venture Partner with Dutch Oracle, a leading Alternative Investment and Family Office consultancy based in British Columbia. He is also co-founder of SkyDriving Aviation, which has a contract to provide market development in North America for a flying car designed and built by a conglomerate in the Netherlands. This opportunity arose from Mark’s commitment to be the first person to circumnavigate the globe in a flying car!


Motivational Speaker

Motto: “Live the Edge”

Mark appreciates that the most powerful tool for positive change in our technological world is good, old-fashioned storytelling. He’s also learned that stories about his adventures, and the innovation and persistence needed to fulfill them, inform and inspire transformational change in people’s personal and professional lives.

Mark is a seasoned keynote speaker who, for 25 years, has woven insights and ideas from his many ventures into presentations for North American clients. Along with his quick wit and engaging and authentic delivery style, Mark brings stunning visuals and videos from his diverse activities. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as he tells stories of driving rally cars backward over 40-foot cliffs, or collapsing his paraglider in the clouds above Canada’s Rocky Mountains. He’ll also share how he’s setting the stage for his next world-record adventure… flying a car around the world!

Audiences are not only entertained by Mark’s storytelling, they also take away tools for:

  • Understanding what separates the ‘ludicrous’ from the ‘possible’
  • Tackling challenging tasks and projects
  • Preparing for significant organization change
  • Formulating good decisions in critical high-stress environments.

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Recent News

Winter Tires in Canada

Winter Tires in Canada | How important are Winter Tires

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On Sunday October 1st you are required to have a snowflake logo on your winter tires in Canada to traverse high passes in BC. What does that mean? Well, frankly it leaves a lot of decision making to the consumer. Which is why this weekend you want to think carefully about what tires you put on

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winter tires

Jack Frost is here to stay – along with your winter tires

At noon today, April 5 the temperature on the summit of Kootenay pass was -2 degrees. What is important about that? Frankly, an awful lot is important. Firstly I can’t help but be just a tad ticked off that I am looking out at snow storms still with temperatures occasionally teasing us with a bound

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Could this be the next adventure?

Check this out. Watch the video and add a comment. Perhaps we can take you on a long flying lesson from Patagonia to Florida in early 2018!  

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creating habits

Creating Habits – Training Your Brain For Success

Creating Habits Success and Failure are three inches and creating habits may not be the total solution. On any given day the amount of data we process in our brains is astounding. Apparently our brains process 400 billion bits of information per second but we are only consciously aware of about 2000 of those. In other

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entrepreneurial focus

Entrepreneurial Focus | Where to focus as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Focus We all need to improve entrepreneurial focus in our journey to success. What many people struggle with is what to focus on. In this short post I want to share with you what I believe the most important thing an entrepreneur/CEO should be doing to improve their entrepreneurial focus. Often times as a

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TITAN Arctic Challenge – My Five Lessons To Get to Where You Want To

The TITAN Arctic Challenge This past week on the TITAN Arctic Challenge I had the opportunity to drive the ice roads to our most northern community that you can drive to in Canada – Tuktoyaktuk. It was a journey fraught with danger, cold weather, unpredictability and frankly, a lot of miles. We departed southern Canada

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The “Dawson Toe” – A hard life up north

The Dawson Toe We arrived in Dawson last night – a stunning town steeped in history and folk lore. The drive up from Whitehorse was spectacular and enroute I could not help but recall the movie “Into The Wild”. I found myself peering off in to the distance trying to spy abandoned school busses with

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#TITANArcticChallenge reaches the Yukon!

The #TITANarcticchallenge, Wow, what an amazing experience we are having. #TitanArcticChallenge – what is it? This is an opportunity to put both the truck, or trucks more accurately – a pair of Nissan Titan XD’s with the PRO4X package through the paces. As it happens it is putting us through our paces too! We left

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Where Mountains Touch The Heavens

On the drive yesterday we were witness to some of the most awesome scenery I have ever seen. From Prince George to Smithers was a pretty routine flat landers type of drive. The Nissan Titans were purring away, not overworking and the temperature was hovering around -10 degrees. Shortly after a quick stop, we arrived

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The TitanArcticAdventure – Zero Gravity Seats #WhatTheTuk

“And they’re off”… the famous intro to the cartoon series The Whacky Races… and our TitanArcticAdventure may be about as whacky. Thankfully, whatever comes our way, we can be assured of a sound back thanks to the Zero Gravity Seats installed in the trucks. On Thursday this week, local auto journalist, Budd Stanley and myself

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Top Three Sales Tips | What we can learn from Internet Marketers

Everybody has an opinion on the Top Three Sales Tips but I want to show you from a different perspective. Many years ago I was accepted as a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management. It was and still is a huge honour. As a young teenager I had started a company, built some success

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Living the dream

Living the dream | Leadership Training Many people say to me “You are living the dream”, do you provide leadership training?. For sure, I get to participate in a lot of different activities and businesses and because of that, I am always on the go. Part of the reason people perceive I am living the

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well known canadian adventurer

Well Known Canadian Adventurer gets busy on the speaking circuit | Motivational speaker inspires people to tackle their biggest project

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Well Known Canadian Adventurer gets busy on the speaking circuit | Motivational speaker inspires people to tackle their biggest project Motivational Speaker and well known Canadian Adventurer, Mark Jennings-Bates has never been afraid of big projects. Since a young age, he has lived a life of adventure and at fifty-three years old he still enjoys

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Innovation Management – 5 ways to energise your organisation

Innovation Management Tips When I was a student, I remember working for a year in industry during my tertiary education. At one point I received a lesson in Innovation Management. I was working with a gentleman called Eric Stonebank, a VP with Cherverton & Laidler in the printing and packaging industry in the UK. Eric

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ethics in business

Ethics in business – would Artificial Intelligence score higher?

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Are we challenged with ethics in business today? When it comes to ethics in business I always remember a talk I was at with John Maxwell, famed leadership guru. John was teaching a group of us in the Portland, Oregon area. It was shortly after some scandals where piles of garbage were found under the corner of

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Distractions to success – My five tips to stay on task

How to simply avoid Distractions to Success Distractions to Success are something that at one time or another we all fall foul of. They are like little white lies. No such thing exists. We try and rationalise our bad habits like texting or abundant amounts of time on social media as if they were acceptably non-productive

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motivational speaking

Motivational Speaking – My five tips to giving a great talk

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When it comes to Motivational Speaking, for most people it ranks up there with falling from a great height. But rest assured that when it comes to motivational speaking, we all started in the same place. Sure, we either have a solid background in a process or technology and we have become an expert or

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Motivational Speaker | How to get your start

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So you want to be a motivational speaker but you are not sure how to get started? Like any business, developing a keynote speaking income is hard work. The good thing is that a plan combined with tenacity will pay off. What are the steps to become a Motivational Speaker Let me share with you

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I had a young friend message me the other day. He knows me from the rally driving community, so he see’s me driving a shiny well cared for rally car (at least until the end of an event)! So he asked me what my daily driver was. He might have been expecting my reply to

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I guess it is genetic! Lack of hair in my family I mean. In fact half of the family is blessed with flocks of thick heavy hair and the other side, well, they just don’t have much. Nothing  you can do about it really. As I think about it, it may not be entirely true.

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When I was at school I never had the time to do exams. I would show up, run through the questions and leave early… I hated sitting and staring at the paper trying to figure out if I had answered correctly, much less perfectly! I remember taking home report cards that almost without exception said

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Recently I have had a series of meetings with a really good friend, Rolf Issler. Rolf was a big encourager during the recent Guinness World Record trip to Australia and is an uplifting person by nature. He is also very busy in his business, where he helps plan and prepare brighter financial futures for his

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My grandfather was a tremendous judge of character. It appeared as though he would be able to weigh someone up in the first five minutes. My wife, to a certain extent has the same innate sense of being able to read the unreadable during a meeting. It is one reason why I try and have

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Yesterday on my 50km training run, an observer would assume nothing at all. I ran at a very steady plod, consumed 3 litres of water, endured my first trial with eating salted boiled potatoes (Yes I am proud not be a doper and only use salted boiled potatoes and some Ibuprofen occasionally! I am a

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I took a deep breath as the car groaned and clunked to a final stop. The metallic screeching of the rocks jammed in the brake pads always left me wondering how much it was going to cost to put the car back together again, but in reality the odd cacophony of sounds was normal. The

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In this 4 part series, I want to share with you what it was like to attempt to run my first 100km ultramarathon in Guatemala this past November…. Rivers of sweat poured down the channel in the small of my back, straight into my running shorts, which made them clammy and uncomfortable. As I ran

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I started training and telling the press and friends what I was going to do… slowly and surprisingly, people started asking if they could join me and then asking if they could run too, so we ended up with two complete 4 x 25km teams, John, Kim, Jackie, Matt, Janet, Brady, Kristen and Petra…most of

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The following day, the day of the race, we took things easy, packed our personal supplies into marked bags or boxes and by noon we were on the road to the start line. Originally, we were supposed to be starting in Guatemala City and running to the coast, but a few days before the start

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The Accidental Run Part II I had a crazy thought a few years ago. I was in the lobby of a Church talking to Matt Blacklock. Matt is a friend and ultramarathon runner who has tackled some of Canada’s toughest long distance runs. An ultramarathon is defined as anything over 50kms. Matt was telling me

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What a crazy summer it has been so far. I am not just referring to the weather either. This year I decided to do some training, in fact a ten week course that has taken me away from my home and my family and keeps me away until my wedding anniversary! It is a chance

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As I come to a close on the army training project for the summer, my mind drifts to the next adventure. My body is tired. It has not been a physically stressful 10 weeks, but the work that we have done every day has been very different to what I normally do and that has

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This morning, I opened up my Facebook profile and was immediately impressed by the feat of British rower, Sarah Outen. She has just finished a mammoth row from Japan to Alaska. A tremendous success, but not without adversity. Here is a quote from her most recent blog “The final 48 hours to land was huge

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From time to time, we can all be accused of having a small (or sometimes slightly larger than small) pity party. The “woe is me” conversations that seem to permeate many dinner table conversations at the moment. The man’s version of the discussion is often a little different to the woman’s version. The man is

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Do you use Push or Pull leadership Studying leadership is fascinating. Whether you read books, attend seminars or learn from real life examples, witnessing different styles and their effectiveness can be very enlightening. Many larger, bureaucratic institutions have entrenched leadership styles that dictate how people will lead others. Other smaller entrepreneurial endeavours are naturally influenced

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There is the odd occasion for many of us when we are not exactly sure of which road to take. We are not sure how to resolve a particular situation or we may be feeling a little low because our productivity has been poor. Sometimes we are staring so hard at the problem that we

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Many times, people find themselves wondering why they are feeling a little isolated from their friends or why their organisation has lost it’s “morale”. It is very easy in this situation to point the fingers at those around you. You may have heard that when you point a finger at someone, three are pointing back

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There is a saying that goes something like this – “You can’t stop a quitter from quitting and you can’t stop a winner from winning” At first glance, like many things which are taken out of context, it seems to contradict the heading of this column a little. The truth however, is that Winners will

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I think we are all aware that winning is a habit. Do you remember that person at school – always on the honour roll, a permanent fixture on all the top sports teams and to boot, given a place on the Provincial or National team also. Like you, I always wondered what drove those types

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I was looking for inspiration for this weeks column when I met somebody who said to me Vancouver has a band called “Doorknobs”. Interesting I thought and I asked what kind of music do they play, I like the name… “No, Vancouver has banned door knobs!”. Well that was a little different. Something had just

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My stare is fixated on the water in front of me as I wonder if this is what an LSD induced trance feels like. I am mesmerised by the kaleidoscope of patterns appearing on the surface, constantly changing and distracting me from my task. The silence was deafening and I found myself for a brief

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Many of us have a difficult time getting to the end of a task or project or even the finish line of an event. The problem can be that, with the best intentions in the world, plans change, motivation fluctuates and we find ourselves losing interest in even finishing a project. For me I know

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This past weekend I had a medical exam. Just a check up. I managed to get straight “A”’s which is a good thing at my age. But it doesn’t come easy. Perhaps some people are born with a genetic code that gives them six-pack ab’s, incredible endurance and super human strength. But that is not

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I have had an amazing couple of weeks. It has been extremely busy and has ended up being somewhat of a social experiment for me. Two weeks ago I was asked by a friend if I would be interested in helping her put together a video. It was designed to be a “Happy” video and

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I reflected on the statement as I looked at the teapot where I was about to jam two slices of bread in to a narrow, round, opening. Curious I thought. Why am I doing that I wondered? Then I peered in to the crumb covered abyss in the depths of my toaster to see two

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Have you ever been afraid to lose or fail at something? In the end, that fear may have prevented you form actually starting. For many people we inadvertently shelter our children from the potential of losing. For instance, we may say, “don’t do that, you may get hurt?” referring to participation in a sports team.

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This time last week the biggest search phrase on Google was “Powerball”. I thought it was perhaps a new App for the iGalaxy or SamPhone, but apparently not. It is in fact a US based lottery not dissimilar to our Lotto 649. Obviously a dream is a powerful thing. Something that motivates into action, including

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When my wife and I started our charity several years ago quite a few people had deep conversations with us about whether we could make a difference.   Surely the lack of safe water in the world was such a massive challenge that two people with a vision would never make much of an impact.

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Many times when we are gripped by fear it can be one of two mental challenges that we can learn to overcome. The fear is completely imaginary. In this situation there may be no factual evidence that there is a problem that we should be afraid of yet we react physically as if there is.

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With all of the adventure activities I have done and still do, I wonder sometimes if the edge still exists. The systematic approach to learning a new adventure or extreme activity combined with the repetition of going to “the edge” to improve can sometimes almost dull the senses. In the technology industry the leading edge

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As we learn to overcome fears and use the techniques I have presented in the previous few articles, there are still obstacles which seem to conspire to prevent us from achieving our goals.   I have been talking about my 2014 project which is to run 650 kms in Africa in October. I started programmed

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I was looking for inspiration for an article this week, so I decided to do some research on trending Google searches. Essentially, looking to see what news are “we” looking for. The common misconception is we are fed news when in actual fact in the digital age, we live in a self serve, “all you

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With the correct perspective, failure should never be feared but embraced. 2014 has already been an interesting year for me. I had planned to run 650kms in Kenya to raise money for charity. However, with my schedule, an Ebola outbreak and Al Shabab lobbing bombs across some of the country, wisdom prevailed. At first I

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In the late 1980’s I moved to Canada from the UK. At that time I owned and operated printing companies and so naturally before too long I ended up owning the printing company in the town I moved to, Canmore, Alberta. It was the dawn of the personal computer. Prior to that we were using

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I would call it a joy ride… You see a planned project or business has a destination. It may be an ongoing revenue stream, it may be a business value or an exit strategy. If you don’t start with the destination in mind, how do you know where to go? It would be like playing

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The traditional definition of a partnership in business may be a little dated now. Formal agreements, formation of a legal entity etc are somewhat old school in today’s economy. Partnerships however can provide a tremendous way to leverage each partners skill to build success for your project or business. Many times, partnerships end in disaster.

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Lets face it, giving up control is a situation we all come up against at one point or another. Whether it is letting a teenager start to make some decisions for themselves, letting an employee run a department on their own or even a franchise owner run one of your franchise businesses with little input

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Last week I was privileged to be able to speak at a Board of Trade business awards dinner. I talked about Innovation and Collaboration which are two very interesting words that require one other important word – cooperation. In so many facets of our lives we deal with Cooperation Agreements, yet in actual fact they

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This time of year, I always worry about which friends of mine will get caught going off the road in adverse weather conditions. With a little preparation most accidents can be avoided. Having won the Open Class rally championship in Western Canada on two occasions, I have used that experience to put on occasional safe

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You may have read the book with the same title. I did many years ago and it supported the way I have always tried to make decisions. In his iconic book, The Magic of Thinking Big, David J. Schwartz leads the reader through a discussion on how to be successful using a lot of mental

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If you got this far unscathed, congratulations. I believe it is going to be an awesome year. My column in the local news media is now titled “It’s All About…. You may think it is a little self absorbed to write a column that looks as though it is all about me. However, those of

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I have written articles before about consumer centric thinking. Taking the approach that to be successful we need to learn to think like our clients. Never has that been more true than today. Our world is more competitive than it has ever been and  often times, we are lured to the supplier or service provider

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Have you ever thought about why many people fail to get to the finish line? Frankly, kudos to those people for even starting, because most people never take the first step. However, once you have taken that first step, every step after is one more closer to the end. At some point many people simply

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As a Keynote Speaker every chance I get to speak creates a special opportunity. It is an opportunity to communicate something that can teach or inspire, an opportunity to engage with the audience and an opportunity to ignite change. One of the most interesting challenges for any speaker is to prepare and deliver a Ted

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Thе аrt tо bесоmіng FEARless

Overcoming fear doesn’t happen instantly оr automatically. It іѕ thе result оf deliberate intention, аnd conscious action tоwаrdѕ doing things thаt scares уоu. Aѕ a result оf overcoming уоur fears, уоu grow аѕ a person, аnd expand thе possibilities thаt surround уоur life. Mаnу tіmеѕ whеn I undertake global endurance adventures I map оut thе

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What Our Clients Say

"Mark's energy and excitement for the future is exactly what we wanted for Worlds Fair Nano. Our goal is to inspire our visitors, and Mark did exactly that. His knowledge coupled with his ability to excite the audience made for an amazing talk."

Michael Weiss

( CEO World's Fair Nano )

Having you come speak to our group set a high bar of expectations of quality of training. I had several people text me the next day (in the fresh snowfall) and talk about how the things they learned the night before made an immediate difference for them. You held the room extremely well and made a challenging topic interesting, informative and engaging. Thank you so much for the training, it was a great training in winter driving and effective speaking.

Drew Vincent

( Training Director, Kelowna JayCee's )

"Thank you once again for being our keynote speaker yesterday at our Key Business Awards. Personally I very much enjoyed your delivery of the topic and from the feedback received today it was a hit!! I am honestly not surprised. Our Mayor sure enjoyed it as he emailed me at 11:00 pm last evening to that end!"

Norm LeCavalier

( Past President, GWBOT )

"I have had the opportunity to hear Mark Jennings-Bates speak on goal setting and self-motivation. Mark's approach to helping you learn was delivered in an easy to understand way, helping me to apply it in my daily routine. ("motivation comes from within, the hard part is getting out") Mark is that guy helping it become a reality."

Garth Donhauser


"Our audience easily identified with Mark as he is a true inspiration. His story is genuine, truly fascinating and motivating to anyone looking to make change in their lives. He is passionate about overcoming obstacles in more ways than one, as his charitable causes can certainly attest to his dedication."

Karen Beaubier

( Executive Director GWBOT )

"The instant choice was Mark, he is enthusiastic, entertaining and can keep car lovers on the edge of their seats with stories of cross country bike racing through the deserts of Africa and training for the Dakar with International drivers. As well as being a philanthropist, Mark has a wonderful personality that connects with everyone in whatever size crowd he is engaging. After the event, Mark's speech was the talk of the group and was received incredibly well in the post-event reviews."

Nicki Beverley

( Co-Organiser TARGA Canada West )

Featured in

MARK JENNINGS-BATES, CAPTAIN (P.RES) BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA "Eternal optimist. Adrenalin Junkie. Compassionate Psychopath. Nonconformist Rebel. Cardboard box escape artist. Share his zest for life, learn from his diverse Boardroom and racing experiences."