Motto: “Compete to Win”

Constantly pushing his mental and physical limits through adventure, Mark shares lessons learned in meaningful and productive ways with coaching training and consulting clients. He helps leaders from all sectors navigate change, embrace innovation, and build their bottom lines with high-octane collaboration and decision-making tactics and tools.

Mark’s many relevant successes include coaching and training more than 300 team members in a large, direct-sales organization, and training and mentoring a global resort development team for total real estate sales of $250 million. He also taught and ran Canadian Military t raining programs, and became an advanced driving instructor.

Having done what he teaches, Mark has a competitive advantage over other professional coaches, trainers, and consultants. As an ultra marathon runner, triathlete, and race car driver, he knows first-hand what it’s like to be laser-focused on finishing first. To that end, he also understands the critical importance of confidence and innovation, and their vital roles in helping you tackle challenging tasks, prepare for organizational change, and thrive in high-stress environments.

So, whatever ‘race’ he runs with you, Mark will focus passionately on your every step, encouraging you to stay the course by working through fear (which he says is friend, not foe) and ignorance (which is merely laziness in disguise).