Motto: “Embrace the Fear”

What Mark enjoys most is simply being pushed outside of his comfort zone. It inspires, motivates, and exhilarates him. He also recognizes the tangible benefits of staying healthy while preparing for his next adventure or expedition.

Titan Arctic ChallengeAs an Armoured Reconnaissance Officer in the Canadian Army Reserves, Mark trains regularly to support domestic and international operations. As a Troop Leader, he’s learned first-hand the challenges of motivating people. He is also keenly aware of the rigorous planning and management needed to achieve optimal results. Known as the “calmest dude on the radio,” Mark knows that a cool head is needed to avoid not only the conflicts of war, but also the challenges of business, philanthropy, and personal ventures.

From an early age, Mark embraced fear by testing his mental and physical limits. He enjoyed many pursuits such as rock climbing, marathon running, paddle boarding, paragliding, car racing, and motorcycle racing. He not only broke world records and won many championship titles, but also climbed the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Additionally he led a team to a 2012 aviation Guinness World Record in Australia.

Passions, Insights, and ideas from these adventures form the foundation of Mark’s work as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, consultant and coach, and philanthropist.

Planning an adventure?

If you are planning an adventure that is big enough to make you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to reach out and contact me. Lets see if I can share something that may help. As a leading Canadian Adventurer, it would be my privilege to share what I can to help you on your way to a big or small adventure.

As an Adventurer, I raise money for my favourite charity . I typically shoot lots of film so that one day we can create some pretty interesting documentaries. As a keynote speaker I can draw on the experiences I get from my adventures to help audiences feel inspired. I can also use the visuals and video to help people lean in to the presentation and what I am communicating.

Favourite Adventures

From car racing, rally driving, ultra marathon running, paragliding and flying it is hard to pick a favourite. Of course there is everything in between also!

What I enjoy the most is simply being pushed outside of my comfort zone.

I honestly could not tell you why I decided to get this active at my age.  What I do know is that there are tangible benefits to having to stay healthy as I prepare for the next adventure or expedition.

For the next few years I will be very focused on preparing for the biggest and most exciting adventure yet, flying a car around the world.. stay tuned.

Inspiring Presentations

At any opportunity to speak my goal is to inspire the audience to chase their own adventures. I want to help them with tacit processes and systems to tackle the stumbling blocks of life. To reach a little higher, to try a little harder and to set a tacit goal to do something for a change.

I want to help people understand the most important step in life. It is the step that keeps so many people broke or disappointed. It is the treasured step for many – the victory dance. It is the one single step that opens up a world of opportunity.