Mark Jennings-Bates

Adventure in Search of Leadership, Innovation, Collaboration & Generosity

Captain (P.Res) Mark Jennings-Bates, also known as ‘The Battle Captain’, understands that ADVENTURE is the essential foundation for leadership, innovation, collaboration and generosity. To that end, Mark is a passionate adventurer in all aspects of his personal and professional lives. He is as comfortable in the board room as he is on a remote mountaintop on the other side of the world!


Motto: “Embrace the Fear”

What Mark enjoys most is simply being pushed outside of his comfort zone. It inspires, motivates, and exhilarates him. He also recognizes the tangible benefits of staying healthy while preparing for his next adventure or expedition.

As an Armoured Reconnaissance Officer in the Canadian Army Reserves, Mark trains regularly to support domestic and international operations. As a Troop Leader, he’s learned first-hand the challenges of motivating people, and the rigorous planning and management needed to achieve optimal results. Known as the “calmest dude on the radio,” Mark knows that a cool head is needed to avoid not only the conflicts of war, but also the challenges of business, philanthropy, and personal ventures.

From an early age, Mark embraced fear by testing his mental and physical limits through rock climbing, marathon running, paddle boarding, paragliding, car racing, and
motorcycle racing. He not only broke world records and won many championship titles, but also climbed the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, and led a team to a 2012 aviation Guinness World Record in Australia.

Whatever your notions of ‘adventure’ — climbing the highest mountain in your area, spearheading a technological breakthrough, or feeding hungry children in a third-world country — Mark Jennings-Bates will help fill your toolkit with the change-management tactics and techniques you’ll need to build your dream!

Passions, Insights, and ideas from these adventures form the foundation of Mark’s work as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, consultant and coach, and philanthropist.



Motto: “Live the Edge”

Mark appreciates that the most powerful tool for positive change in our technological world is good, old-fashioned storytelling. He’s also learned that stories about his adventures, and the innovation and persistence needed to fulfill them, inform and inspire transformational change in people’s personal and professional lives.

Mark is a seasoned keynote speaker who, for 25 years, has woven insights and ideas from his many ventures into presentations for North American clients. Along with his quick wit and engaging and authentic delivery style, Mark brings stunning visuals and videos from his diverse activities. tedx speakerYou’ll be on the edge of your seat as he tells stories of driving rally cars backward over 40-foot cliffs, or collapsing his paraglider in the clouds above Canada’s Rocky Mountains. He’ll also share how he’s setting the stage for his next world-record adventure… flying a car around the world!

Audiences are not only entertained by Mark’s storytelling, they also take away tools for:

  • Understanding what separates the ‘ludicrous’ from the ‘possible’
  • Tackling challenging tasks and projects
  • Preparing for significant organization change
  • Formulating good decisions in critical high-stress environments.


Motto: “Ignore the Rules”

At the age of 11, Mark started a home-based printing company. By 15 he’d registered his first company in the UK, which still operates today. To celebrate Mark’s success, the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management named him one of the youngest Fellows in the history of the organization.

After moving to Canada in 1988, Mark began buying and operating businesses from many sectors, and consulting on projects and domestic and overseas businesses. He also sat on the Board of Directors for many corporations and organizations.

Currently, Mark is a Venture Partner with Dutch Oracle, a leading Alternative Investment and Family Office consultancy based in British Columbia. He is also co-founder of SkyDriving Aviation, which has a contract to provide market development in North America for a flying car designed and built by a conglomerate in the Netherlands. This opportunity arose from Mark’s commitment to be the first person to circumnavigate the globe in a flying car!





Motto: “Compete to Win”

Keynote SpeakerConstantly pushing his mental and physical limits through adventure, Mark shares lessons learned in meaningful and productive ways with coaching training and consulting clients. He helps leaders from all sectors navigate change, embrace innovation, and build their bottom lines with high-octane collaboration and decision-making tactics and tools.

Mark’s many relevant successes include coaching and training more than 300 team members in a large, direct-sales organization, and training and mentoring a global resort development team for total real estate sales of $250 million. He also taught and ran Canadian Military t raining programs, and became an advanced driving instructor.

Having done what he teaches, Mark has a competitive advantage over other professional coaches, trainers, and consultants. As an ultra marathon runner, triathlete, and race car driver, he knows first-hand what it’s like to be laser-focused on finishing first. To that end, he also understands the critical importance of confidence and innovation, and their vital roles in helping you tackle challenging tasks, prepare for organizational change, and thrive in high-stress environments.

So, whatever ‘race’ he runs with you, Mark will focus passionately on your every step, encouraging you to stay the course by working through fear (which he says is friend, not foe) and ignorance (which is merely laziness in disguise).



Motto: “Give to Live”

well known canadian adventurerA cornerstone of Mark’s life philosophy is generosity. His various community contributions range from being a 26-year-old city councillor in Canmore, Alberta, to co-founding Rally4Life, a charity that relieves poverty by providing safe water, sanitation, education, sustenance, and shelter to needy families around the world.

Finding a way to combine his love of adrenaline-seeking adventures with his need to contribute, Mark and the Rally4Life team have hosted fundraising adventures such as One Steph Beyond, a single girl’s worldwide motorcycle odyssey; Flight4Life, a world-record paragliding flight over Australia; Run4Life, an overnight ultra-marathon in Guatemala; and SUP4Life, a stand-up paddle board trip on Okanagan Lake near Mark’s home. Mark’s goal is to raise $4 million, which would improve the lives of more than 200,000 people.

rally4lifeRally4Life also hosts trips to Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Kenya, where participants learn about the people and their cultures, and work with them to address poverty-related challenges.







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