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winter tires

Jack Frost is here to stay – along with your winter tires

Titan Arctic ChallengeAt noon today, April 5 the temperature on the summit of Kootenay pass was -2 degrees.

What is important about that? Frankly, an awful lot is important.

Firstly I can’t help but be just a tad ticked off that I am looking out at snow storms still with temperatures occasionally teasing us with a bound in to the very low double digits for half a day.

Secondly, my equalized payments for my heating bill are completely off base now and…

Thirdly, I can’t take my winter tires off my car yet and neither should you!

I know that the signs say we don’t need them for high mountain passes, but frankly you would be foolish not to still travel with winter tires on mountain passes and frankly even in the valleys at the moment.

If you have studs, it is a different issue because studs cannot be used on roads after April 30 so you could in fact get a moving violation ticket after that time but again that would be foolish if, as there has been in the past few days, there is snow on the ground! Lets hope there is no snow and cold temps in May.

The reason for not taking winter tires off has to do with one simple issue – temperatures.

Sure, the snow on the ground and black ice is compelling enough but simply, regular tires do not work below 5 degrees to 7 degrees. Winter tires do.

For a definition of work, I would simply be thinking about traction – ie your ability to stop and your ability to stay in a corner once you turn the steering wheel. The two most important things for you to worry about on the highway.

If you value your car, your life and your passengers, keep the sticky rubber on for a little longer yet – at least until we see double digit temperatures more frequently. While you winter tires will offer slightly less traction on a warm board the differential is not as much as a summer, all season or all weather tire on a cold road.

As we approach what we anticipate being warmer times, consider a spring tune up for your car. Visit my friends at Big O Tires for advice on wen to remove your winter tires and to book the car in for a check.

Winter can be a brutal time for vehicles. The cold alone is enough to give components a difficult time aside from the fact we have a habit of hitting objects like kerbs that are hidden under the snow. If your alignment is out, you rest safety and economy as well as the increased cost of changing tires more frequently.

Book a tune up and do a sun dance, please!