Entrepreneurial Focus | Where to focus as an entrepreneur

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entrepreneurial focus

Entrepreneurial Focus | Where to focus as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Focus

We all need to improve entrepreneurial focus in our journey to success. What many people struggle with is what to focus on. In this short post I want to share with you what I believe the most important thing an entrepreneur/CEO should be doing to improve their entrepreneurial focus.

Often times as a CEO or entrepreneur attempting to define your entrepreneurial focus, you cannot help but feel somewhat like a circus juggler. That is probably the first hint that you need to divest yourself of managerial duties that you should really not be burdened with.

Where To Focus As An Entrepreneur

Aside from being a good all round multi-tasker, many entrepreneurs at some point learn to focus a little less on specific problems and look at the overall picture.

As a manager, we are often tasked with a specific problem and focussing on the solution is the only way to really conclude the task at hand.

entrepreneurial focusAs an entrepreneur, that focus can actually slow the boat.

The truth then lies in the fact we should not focus on one specific area but on the overall business. The CEO has one objective – to improve shareholder value. For that reason, if we are mired in managerial duties and focussed solely on one or two areas of the business, we will fail to achieve the desired outcome.

Think of it like a 3D Stereogram. Focus on them and you will see nothing but clutter and “noise”. Often that is the case for a modern entrepreneur; however, learning to de-focus your vision allows you to see the solution.

As a consultant in business I have the privilege of being able to hover about 20,000’ over the problem. While nothing may be in clear focus, the challenges become very clear in most instances.

For a CEO or Entrepreneur honing in on their entrepreneurial focus, learning to step away from the business and fly over it, can help greatly in finding efficiency. Getting the high altitude overview of the operation is often an art rather than a science but once mastered, the ship can be steered much more easily.

In a rapid changing economy and a business that often has many moving parts, the ability to use peripheral vision to see opportunity or challenges is critical.

Like a good marksman on a rifle, while one eye is keenly focussed on the target, the other remains vigilant (and open) to keep an overall picture of the surrounding territory. Just like the marksman or sniper, we need to be feeding the overall image of our business to our brain in order to make the most sound decisions.

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