#TITANArcticChallenge reaches the Yukon!

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#TITANArcticChallenge reaches the Yukon!

The #TITANarcticchallenge, Wow, what an amazing experience we are having.

#TitanArcticChallenge – what is it?

This is an opportunity to put both the truck, or trucks more accurately – a pair of Nissan Titan XD’s with the PRO4X package through the paces. As it happens it is putting us through our paces too!

#titanarcticchallengeWe left BC only a few days ago, departing Vancouver and heading north to Whistler then on through the Duffy up to Prince George and beyond. The vastness of the country is amazing when you sit behind the wheels for hours and hours and look at the GPS to realise that relatively you have gone nowhere.

Yesterday on the #titanarcticchallenge we drove up through what I referred to as the Valley of Ghosts. Northern BC’s majestic mountains line the highway from Terrace to Whitehorse but in our case they were delicately camouflaged by a gentle layer of ice fog and cloud in the -16 degree temps. Occasionally we were treated to a glimpse of a shoulder or valley that drew our eyes further in to the scene to reveal carefully sculpted treelined valleys and slopes leading higher and beyond the clouds – our only reference for the several hours of driving.

Towards the end of the day we found a pull-off just past Dease Lake and decided to call it quits.

Treeline Outdoors

Erecting the Treeline Outdoors tents that were provided was a breeze which was particularly helpful in the colder temperatures we were starting to experience. After a quick bite to eat provided by Muninn’s Post in Kelowna, BC we decided to get our heads down for the night.

Today we pushed through to Watson Lake for breakfast and then departed for Whitehorse, technically our geographic centre on the trip. We pick up an extra passenger and push north through to the Arctic – bring it on.

The TitanArcticChallenge is an adventure project put together by journalist and photographer Budd Stanley. Supported by Nissan Canada, Treeline Outdoors and Muninn’s Post and joining us for fun is famous Motorbike explorer, Steph Jeavons.


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