Where Mountains Touch The Heavens

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Where Mountains Touch The Heavens

On the drive yesterday we were witness to some of the most awesome scenery I have ever seen.

From Prince George to Smithers was a pretty routine flat landers type of drive. The Nissan Titans were purring away, not overworking and the temperature was hovering around -10 degrees. Shortly after a quick stop, we arrived in Smithers.

Skeena River ValleyFor me, in my imagination, Smithers was a far off town – way North of the Okanagan and frankly the impression is that nothing happens here and it is almost in the frozen north. In truth, it was one of the most inspiring mountain environments I have been in. Jagged peaks and large cwms harbouring beautiful glaciers. It was an adventurers paradise.

I called a friend to see if she could meet us for supper. I told how impressed I was with the scenery and to make things even better, the sun appeared. She assured me I had seen nothing yet and was about to enter the Skeena River valley where the mountains touch the heavens.

The drive along the river was stupendous. Alpenglow kissed the summits and glaciers all around as we drove to where I know the sun now sets in the mouth of the Skeena River behind the mountains to the west of Terrace.

It was a fitting end to a good days driving, only bettered by an amazing meal at Don Diego’s in Terrace BC, a little gem that everyone needs to visit at least once.

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