The TitanArcticAdventure – Zero Gravity Seats #WhatTheTuk

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The TitanArcticAdventure – Zero Gravity Seats #WhatTheTuk

“And they’re off”… the famous intro to the cartoon series The Whacky Races… and our TitanArcticAdventure may be about as whacky. Thankfully, whatever comes our way, we can be assured of a sound back thanks to the Zero Gravity Seats installed in the trucks.

zero gravity seatsOn Thursday this week, local auto journalist, Budd Stanley and myself set off on an adventurous journey to Tuktoyuktuk. We have a very special gust with us too, Steph Jeavons a famous round the world female solo motorcyclist.

The objective is to take two Nissan Titan XD trucks and be one of the last groups to ever drive on the arctic ice roads up to Tuk.

Later this year the roads will be decommissioned in favour of a new highway to avoid the danger of driving on the arctic sea ice. So how could we say no?

Well, pretty easily actually. Temperatures could be as low as -50 degrees. Like every expedition, getting started is the hardest phase. Items not being delivered on time, last minute fabrication to the trucks and minutiae that serve to delay the start.

Zero Gravity Seats

But we are off and thanks to the Zero Gravity seats in the Titan XD trucks our backs are relaxed and we are enjoying a night in Whistler before heading further North tomorrow and starting to knock off some serious miles.  Until I started to really think about it, I had not noticed the effects of the Zero Gravity Seats. Driving on the roads today I realized that what I was feeling sitting in the seat was a lot less than the truck was experiencing driving along the bumpy swing highways in British Columbia. A lot of the jarring movement of the truck was not being passed to my body. It is a curious sensation but one that will help many people who spend large amounts of time behind the wheel of their vehicles.


For a while now, the ice road to Tuktoyuktuk has been closed and so our hope is that by the time we get there the weather will have cleaned up and we will be able to drive to Tuk and see one of Canada’s most interesting frontiers!.

Check back in for updates along the way.

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