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Learning to trustMy grandfather was a tremendous judge of character. It appeared as though he would be able to weigh someone up in the first five minutes.

My wife, to a certain extent has the same innate sense of being able to read the unreadable during a meeting. It is one reason why I try and have her join at me meetings as much as possible because, firstly I am a guy and sometimes I am not listening when you think I am, secondly even when I am listening, there is a good chance I am missing the point, particularly if I am not having fun and thirdly, well, lets just blame it on A.D.D. I just don’t like meetings that go past an hour and I guess I am easily distracted. I apologise!

What this all leads to is me being a terrible judge of character so I have now given up even attempting to figure out who somebody is. I have my good days and my bad days by not forming an opinion of someone. Sometimes, most of the people I meet are very honest and what I see is what I get and other times, it is a little more painful than that… it wastes my time or perhaps even my money.

Many years ago I was playing in a Church band, a worship team and there was a young drummer, Johnny Jansen whose parents are very good friends of ours. It was always fun to play with Johnny, I have never seen a drummer with so much energy and afterwards the stage is covered with splinters from broken drumsticks… enthusiasm doesn’t go far enough to describe Johnny.

One Sunday morning, Johnny showed up with his friend, Kyle Tubbs. Since I first knew Johnny, he had always wanted to carve out a career in the music industry and Kyle was apparently going to join him as a guitar player and lead singer in their band. As a guitar player, it is always cool to play with other musicians and so I was looking forward to the time together.

It was all going really well until Kyle started to play! His guitar was not in tune. Perhaps he wasn’t an early riser, not quite awake at the time and couldn’t hear what I was hearing. Many people can’t even hear when a musical instrument is out of tune, but as a musician, it is like clanging bells in your head. It is indeed a nasty sound. Kyle didn’t seem to mind though. Through the whole set he played his guitar out of tune. In fact I think he might have tried to tune it and made it worse.

Well, sadly, those were the days when I still judged people and while I only judged Kyle in my head (OK, maybe to my wife too) I did tell myself that Johnny needed a new guitarist. If Kyle was going to sing too, how would that work. The voice has an infinite number of notes unlike a guitar and all but one of them are incorrect!

Several years after that I went to a school play that my son was in. We had a great night and there was a really cool musician who had written some guitar music and serenaded the evening. It was a great night and when I asked my son who was playing the guitar, he indicated it was Kyle who I had played with at Church. Cynically I probably asked if someone had tuned his guitar for him! But truthfully, I was impressed.

Fast forward to 2012… I can’t believe how cool these guys are. Kyle is a rockstar, Johnny is an amazing entertainer and with two other very talented musicians and close friends, they call themselves Fields of Green! They are amazing. Kyle not only can tune and play the guitar amazingly well but he has a voice that is extremely rare to find. Not only is it good, it is unique.

I hope Kyle will forgive me judging him all those years ago because, it is him, not me that is actually making a living with a musical career. Fields of Green are on the verge of some incredible success. They recently won the Fox Seeds competition in Vancouver and are now coming to the end of an even bigger competition, the Peak Performance Project. Next week in Kelowna BC, they will be performing. It will be part of the competition, but get this… they are doing it for charity, Rally4Life to be exact to help install safe clean burning cook stoves in Guatemala when we go there next month.

If you have anything to do next Wednesday evening, cancel it, come on down, donate $10 or more to the charity and have a great evening with Fields of Green. You won’t be disappointed. After this, I hope that the sky is the limit for this talented band. They have put their heart and soul into creating a unique niche for themselves and work so hard to entertain the crowds they perform for. They need our help next week. We need a sell out. I would love to see people standing outside hoping to get in because the house was packed. That way, they will do well in their competition and Guatemalan children will live longer, healthier lives.

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