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When life gets too busyI guess it is genetic! Lack of hair in my family I mean. In fact half of the family is blessed with flocks of thick heavy hair and the other side, well, they just don’t have much. Nothing  you can do about it really.

As I think about it, it may not be entirely true. I had an uncle when I was growing up and I guess he knew what was coming so he grew lots of hair. He didn’t wear his hair long, instead he accumulated it on his head by sort of twirling it around and around. If you were behind him in a strong wind you were certainly in danger of losing an eye with the whiplash effect of his hair getting thrown around in a breeze. Thankfully nobody in our family suffered any life threatening injuries from my uncles hair.

As for me, I have spots on my head where hair looks like it has been rubbed off. Some people say it is an excess of testosterone. I am not sure, but whatever it is, it doesn’t bother me. When I look at my options, it was to grow long hair and store on top for the inevitable day, just like my uncle, or cut it off. I took the latter option and now I don’t have bad hair days.

My computers used to have bad hair days. That was back when I used PC’s. They would get all confused, quite routinely in fact, and you were left with no options. The computer had stalled, a screen staring at you blankly but no activity. It was a bad hair day and so, like my head, my computer ended up with bald spots. The Ctrl, Alt and Del keys were the most bald in actual fact, because pressing them all at once a few times caused the computer to re-boot. It was the most common sequence of keys I ever pressed on a Windows based machine. I often wondered why they never made it one key. On reflection the “one” key  was probably the power button. That was a last resort, you knew that no other keys worked so you re-booted the computer by hitting the power button.

The reason I think this happened a lot is because generally, a computer has quite a bit going on. Billions of calculations a second or something crazy. I know how a computer feels. My life for the past several years appears to have been billions of decisions a second and when that happens, something called “cross-linking” occurs. It is like filing memories in little pieces in the wrong cupboards. I do that all the time. I can never find simple things like shoes. I look in the wardrobe, tell my wife I can’t find them and she looks in the same wardrobe and there they are. So the diagnosis is serious, I am cross linked.

In training, there is something called “super recovery” I believe. When you have been training hard for a while and you are feeling a little cross linked, you can stop, allow your body to recover and when you start again, you are at a much improved level (unless your nearly 50, in which case everything seems to be a bit of a struggle still!). It is a little like what a PC does. It has to turn itself off, gather it’s thoughts and start again.

Now I think about it, we can learn a lot from PC’s. You see, many of us quit on tasks because of some serious cross-linking. We are just not thinking straight. We put our faith thought in the wrong closet and like, me, we need our wife to drag it out again. It is at these times when I consider re-booting. I have to re-boot quite often now and certainly during exercise when I think about quitting.

I have no idea what possessed me to verbalise the fact that I was going to do a 100km run in November. In fact it has been verbalised so much that quite a few people are coming to join in or spectate. I get swallowed up in the romantic adventures of people like Ray Zahab or Squash Falconer or Dave Cornthwaite I guess, people who are doing some remarkable feats. Ray for example, ran 7,700km across the Sahara ( in 110 days… in sand. So I look at that and think “Well I can do a shorter distance, like, say 100km… that should be achievable, after all, Ray did 7,700km”. I already know that I am going to have to re-boot a couple of times on the run. I should have a T-Shirt printed that has a Ctrl, Alt and Del key on the front and says “If you see me laying down, press all three buttons simultaneously”.

If I am horizontal or staring back at you blankly, it is because my mind has started storing the thoughts about not being good enough in the wrong closets, the most accessible ones, so I need to re-shuffle my thoughts around and get the faith thoughts back in that closet and put the thoughts of despair in the storage locker with a padlock on. We are all challenged, every day of the week, and some of us, like Ray or Squash or Dave, tend to challenge ourselves a little more, but me, I know I need a re-boot from time to time, then I know, like a PC, I can get to the end of the adventure. That or buy a Mac computer!

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