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just do your bestI had a young friend message me the other day. He knows me from the rally driving community, so he see’s me driving a shiny well cared for rally car (at least until the end of an event)! So he asked me what my daily driver was. He might have been expecting my reply to be a Subaru STi or a BMW M5. Instead, I answered “a beaten up old Dodge Truck” I don’t think I ever received a response from him again after my reply!My truck has had a hard life. Some people look at it and chuckle, others wonder why I haven’t fixed it or taken better care of it! In truth, it has been very loyal to me. It really is a utility vehicle.

There was a time when I could have taken passengers in my truck. I can now, so long as they only see the truck only from the passenger side. The truck, you see, had an “off” at a rally. It wasn’t racing, just being it’s utilitarian self when the road underneath it went all slippy and shiny and so the truck panicked and went in the ditch. Not only did it take a very long time to get out, but the two cranes that were needed to get it out actually arrived just at the end of the rally and blocked the only road out until quite late in the evening. We all had the best time we could watching my truck get extracted while the Pizza went cold at the town hall we were supposed to be at.

The truck has certainly seen some trauma, and like me is starting to show it’s age. We are similar in as much as we haven’t given up yet. I suppose in relative years we are the same age. I am not sure if it is like dog years, but my truck was born in 1998 and I was born in 1963, I think that makes us fairly close.

My truck also likes to help people, another trait that we share in common. People borrow my truck less now that it looks a little tired, but it can still do it’s job.

I suppose I could put a new box on it and replace the door and put some shiny new running boards on, but I am quite happy with my truck the way it is. It has character. It is rather like an English movie actors teeth compared to an American movie actors teeth. You can tell a lot about a person from their teeth, like, for instance, how much money they have had to give to a dentist to get their teeth so white and straight.

As I think about the next few years, it would be easy for me to get a little excited about the plans. I am not a very good runner at all. In fact the only marathon I have attempted, I did pretty dismally in. So you might ask why I am planning to do a 100km race in November and an 800km run in Kenya and Sudan in 2013. The answer is simple, if I can save someone’s life, it will be worth it. If you can think of a better answer please send me an email .

Add to that my second least favourite sport, swimming, and you may question why I plan to do a 250km open water swim next year. The answer would be the same. In fact, I am really not terribly good at swimming, biking or running which is why I enjoy triathlons so much, lump the three together and I can at least get to the end.

My truck, like me, when it gets a little daunted by a long journey, steep hill or heavy trailer, just puts his head down and digs a little deeper. I personally find the throb of a big diesel engine very comforting. There is something about that diesel engine that gives you comfort, a certain confidence that it can get you to the end. That is what I tell my body when it complains… we can at least get to the end, maybe not fast, but we can get to the end!

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