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SUP AdventureAs I come to a close on the army training project for the summer, my mind drifts to the next adventure.

My body is tired. It has not been a physically stressful 10 weeks, but the work that we have done every day has been very different to what I normally do and that has been a good challenge. Rather than endurance training it has been more strength oriented. I seem to have reached a point where my body hurts less when I exercise than it does when I rest, so there is nothing else to do other than to get up each day and keep going!

I have about 10 days rest back in the Okanagan to spend with my wife and preparing for the Paddleboard around Okanagan Lake. I need to get some time on a paddleboard – every day! My total paddling time amounts to less than the first days leg quite frankly. I know, not unlike this course, I will learn a great deal during the paddling. I am paddling with partner Peter Dodenhoff, a very experienced paddler who will likely be out front wondering where I am, but I will be there, not too far behind and at some point on the paddle, my skills will adapt to the new environment.

Through the planning of the project I have made some new friends. Bob Purdy being one of them. Bob is a really interesting guy and has made a name for himself by paddling close to 1000 days straight. Every single day he gets in the water and paddles, come rain, shine, snow, ice. It is an astounding achievement and when you paddle with Bob, you can tell he has a lot of hours on his board, where as, by contrast, I have a lot of time off my board! He was the first person to paddle the length of Okanagan Lake last year and he did it in less than a day!

Bob is not the kind of fellow I would have spent a lot of time with several years ago! You see, I am a businessman, a developer even at one point and Bob, well, he has a charity focused on environmental issues. It is not that I don’t like environmentalists, but I find many of them to be negative. What draws me to getting to know Bob better, is that he is looking for solutions but more importantly for me personally, his interest is in protecting the planets water resources. His mission and my mission tie in well together. My goal is to take some of the planets water resources and give them to people who are dying of thirst and disease. If advocates like Bob did not exist, I would not be able to fulfill my objective.

So our missions are aligned very well and as we paddle around the lake starting on labour day weekend, we have two messages to deliver, one is how fortunate we are to have such an amazing water resource in the Okanagan. Our watershed provides clean, sparkling, fresh water year after year, yet if we are complacent we can lose it. In contrast, there are countries in the world that are parched and people are dying.

Bob is hoping to join us for a few days paddling and I am really looking forward to the conversations. He is a world changer for sure, someone who cares enough to selflessly give of his time and resources to spread a message of caution that we should not take for granted what we have today. That our responsibility is to protect those resources for future generations.

My hope is that we can raise $30,000. That will be enough to provide two safe water solutions in Northern Kenya and give approximately 3,000 people the chance to live a life they could not have hoped for. It will be a chance for them to send their children to school, be a little less transient with their wildlife and perhaps even start a business. They will have better health and they will be able to live their lives instead of simply surviving every day.

You can support us by clicking this link. The SUP4Life event has been supported by Naish using the Naish One inflatable line of boards.

How much do we take for granted? More than we care to believe…

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