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Steph JeavonsWhen my wife and I started our charity several years ago quite a few people had deep conversations with us about whether we could make a difference.   Surely the lack of safe water in the world was such a massive challenge that two people with a vision would never make much of an impact.

Well, one person with a vision can change the world. It has happened many times before us. We were two dummies that figured we could be a catalyst for a small amount of change.

The cool thing is that because of that decision, many people are now choosing to make a difference also. We knew we needed help. Our vision was to reduce poverty in the world by providing safe water, sustenance, education, shelter and food to families around the world. Have we achieved that goal? Not yet.

One of the questions we were asked was, “Could we really provide safe water to all the people who needed it?” The assumption was that if we couldn’t why would we start. My wife answered that question very eloquently. She indicated that she may not have a vision big enough to eradicate the global problem. She even felt that if she picked one country and focused on that she probably couldn’t do it. Frankly, she was even shy about committing to solving the problem in a region in a country. She did feel though that she could impact a community.

Her default answer then became, “I know I can make a difference in the person’s life that we give safe water to and that matters to me.” You see, we can simply turn a blind eye to the issues the world is struggling with or we can decide that on our own – we can make a difference.

So many people have stepped up to the plate to help us, it is humbling.

In a few days time, on March 22nd, it is the UN World Water Day. As a Charity, we can be proud that we have made a small difference. As an individual, I can re-commit to making a larger difference.

One young lady who is making a big difference in the world is Steph Jeavons. In a few day’s time, she leaves the UK to ride a “solo round the world” motorbike trip. A very brave endeavour. Steph has inspired many people by her commitment to taking a journey through sometimes dangerous countries so that she can make a difference.

Because of Steph, we wake up each morning to see new donations from her global supporters, people who are inspired to live vicariously through her trip.    Follow her on her travels at her blog site:

In the meantime, if you are inspired to see what our charity, Rally4Life is doing, check out the video for World Water Day.

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