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With the correct perspective, failure should never be feared but embraced.

2014 has already been an interesting year for me. I had planned to run 650kms in Kenya to raise money for charity. However, with my schedule, an Ebola outbreak and Al Shabab lobbing bombs across some of the country, wisdom prevailed.

At first I felt like I had failed. It is never a good feeling, yet in reality my plans had simply changed.

In the process of planning the whole project (which is now delayed until 2015) I had been able to put a lot of logistics in place, garner some support for the project and frame a training plan around an endurance run. Far from failure, it has been a great success so far.

There is always the possibility that during the run, I may not make it to the end. Circumstances beyond my control may stop me at, for example the 500km mark! Would it be a failure… I would say not. How many people ever run 500kms in their life.

You see, as entrepreneurs or adventurers, we are programmed to look forward. We quickly forget the past and yet the past holds perspective that we need to evaluate how far we have come. If we would learn to look in the rear view mirror from time to time we would be able to see how much we have achieved on life’s journey.

In reality Edison never failed to invent the light bulb approximately 2000 times, he simply succeeded at finding 2000 ways that a light bulb would not work!

I have many friends and colleagues who are seemingly successful and yet they are the biggest failures I have come across. Precisely because they don’t fear failure, they have become successful.

My goal – to be the biggest failure I know so that I can succeed! Would you like to join me?

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