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Winning is not overnightThere is a saying that goes something like this – “You can’t stop a quitter from quitting and you can’t stop a winner from winning”

At first glance, like many things which are taken out of context, it seems to contradict the heading of this column a little. The truth however, is that Winners will always find a way to win, even after they have lost.

The sense of persistence that a winner brings to the table is something that really should be studied and appreciated.

Many years ago, as a young entrepreneur I remember reading stories in the newspapers in England of other business people who had become an overnight success. The problem I discovered was many people believed the stories.

As people began to read more stories, they lost faith in themselves. Their dreams shrank, their belief in their future became more foggy and in reality, they started to see themselves as losers. The unfortunate circumstance though was that they didn’t realise how many losers learn to win.

The simple fact is that before people succeed, they fail… a lot! Look at Edison. How many times did he try and invent the light bulb. Not once did he consider himself a loser, more of a winner on a very long journey! So once again, we have a choice. We can choose to believe we are destined to lose, or, like Edison, we can believe we are on a longer journey than we expected to be.

Most of the successful people I know are also some of the largest failures I know. It comes from the fact they have become accustomed to aiming for the stars and reaching the moon. If you know that your personality type can handle the disappointment of only landing on the moon – go for it. You may miss the mark the first few times but at the end of the day you will be further ahead than many other people.

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