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Winning is a habitI think we are all aware that winning is a habit. Do you remember that person at school – always on the honour roll, a permanent fixture on all the top sports teams and to boot, given a place on the Provincial or National team also. Like you, I always wondered what drove those types of people to an uber-competitive lifestyle.

What I have learned in my own endeavours is that winning has a lot to do with consistency. We can get thrown off course a little by reading the headlines about a person getting an award or winning an event. In reality, you don’t have to win anything to come first.

OK so that sounds a little confusing, but follow my train of thought here.

At the end of the day, we all have an objective to achieve something. Whether it be our personal life, a goal for a relationship or an athletic endeavour. The one take away I want to leave you with from this article is that consistency is the key. Now importantly, with consistency you create a habit, and remember the first paragraph – winning is a habit.

Consistency in the way you train, prepare, the amount of time you dedicate to a project and the amount of research you commit to, all create positive habits.

What consistency leads to, is a culture of improvement. It can be viewed a little like a gym membership. With physical training, the commitment to the routine, the consistency, is more important than the intensity of the occasional work out. Winning is the same. Consistently applying the same principles over and over again can help you win your objective.

My experience in rally driving is what created the  for this article. On two occasions I have won the Western Canada Rally Championship and yet, I have never stood in first place on a podium for a race. Many, many times I have come second. Am I frustrated. Not really because I understand the power of consistency. I know the limitations of my vehicle and my skills and I know I can battle for second. I have to be lucky to get first. The great news is that if I consistently place second I can win a championship… how cool is that. If you are a REALTOR® or a sales person in any industry, do you realise that you can win major national awards without ever being recognised in your office on a monthly basis. That is right, you too, can win big by coming second!

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