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Innovation in businessLast week I was privileged to be able to speak at a Board of Trade business awards dinner.

I talked about Innovation and Collaboration which are two very interesting words that require one other important word – cooperation.

In so many facets of our lives we deal with Cooperation Agreements, yet in actual fact they are in pure form a Non-Cooperation Agreement. They have a habit of being formal documents which define what we won’t do together instead of what we will do together.

The problem I believe stems from the fact that we see ourselves as partners in an agreement, fighting to stake out our turf rather than team players on the same team fighting for the ultimate objective.

At the end of the day, if you research Innovation you will find that the rule of 3 M’s applies:

You will either MAKE the future, MEET the future or MISS the future.

I found the contrast between Innovation and Traditional models very interesting take a look at the columns below and make a determination of where you sit in your organisation. Are you fighting to “sustain” or to “innovate”?

Traditional model                                          Innovation

Present to Future planning frameworks        Start with the end in mind and working back to the present!

Rule maker framework                                      Rule breaker framework

Accepts present boundaries                              Sees no boundaries

Focus on incremental innovation                    Adopts disruptive innovation

Discipline                                                              Inspiration

Technology driven                                              Consumer driven

In the end, the quest to reach profitability, stability and execute a business plan reduces divergent thinking which allows entrepreneurs to explore the peripheries of their model and tune in to innovation with disruptive thinking.

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