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No is the most important wordRecently I have had a series of meetings with a really good friend, Rolf Issler.

Rolf was a big encourager during the recent Guinness World Record trip to Australia and is an uplifting person by nature. He is also very busy in his business, where he helps plan and prepare brighter financial futures for his clients (

Knowing that Rolf is very busy running his successful financial consulting business, I was surprised when we sat down for a coffee a few months ago and Rolf explained he felt compelled to help out in some way with the limited time he has. I should not have been surprised because I do know both Rolf and his wife Lisa have huge hearts and are always available to help when someone asks.

To suggest I was in trouble and really needed help was perhaps an overstatement on my part, but I did realise that somewhere in the day to day existence of pulling a funded adventure business together, for the benefit of charity, I would really be able to use Rolf’s help.

As the coffee sessions evolved and we poured over the various logistics of what it takes to evaluate, prepare and execute a successful adventure, we started to realise that there was an area that was weak, my Achilles heel if you like.

There is a saying that the longest journey in the world is from the head to the heart. Well in my case there is a very short distance from the brain to another part of my body that has been causing some consternation. You don’t need GPS to navigate, the distance is barely long enough to be able to draw a line indicating how far it is. Very simply, what I have struggled with is the apparent, very short distance from my brain to my mouth.

I was gifted with some kind of auto-receptor when I was born. When my brain hears someone talking about something which is “fun” and that someone asks if I would like to join in, my mouth says yes instantly! Later in life I read a personality book and I found out it is because I am a Sanguine, the Otter of the animal world… I like playing around and having fun. It is a good job there are a few Sanguines out there because a world full of Melancholic people, the Beavers of the animal world, would soon get dull I think, but then that is just my perspective.

This compulsion to keep saying yes has led to a diary that is all but full of adventures for the next two years. Now, when I look back, perhaps there should have been a little more thought, but I find everything is so difficult to say no to. The difficulty comes in passing up on a project that can get the charity some serious attention, my main purpose in life.

So Rolf, is my filter. We share a lot in common. We both have a strong Christian faith, we are a similar age, live in the same valley and in Rolf’s recent past is a series of Ironman triathlons. I have done a few bike rides with Rolf in the past few years and I have a hard time keeping up even though he hasn’t participated competitively for a few years now. Rolf understands what I am trying to do and I know he understands the importance of us trying to steer attention to the charity, so meet Rolf, my new filter!

He is going to be an amazing component of the team and instead of simply saying “Yes, that sounds cool”, he is going to take some time to evaluate the opportunities that cross our desks and run some due diligence to make sure we are doing the right things for the right reasons.

I am absolutely stoked to have such a first class person on board.

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