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How to planThere is the odd occasion for many of us when we are not exactly sure of which road to take. We are not sure how to resolve a particular situation or we may be feeling a little low because our productivity has been poor. Sometimes we are staring so hard at the problem that we are distracted from the solution.

I think it is human nature to react in such a way, but if you want to continue to progress, you need to use the principle of self discipline to ensure that you can process a problem rather than focus on it.

As the heading suggests, sometimes we are so focussed on a problem that “we can’t see the trees for the forest”.  When I used to consult to companies that had problems with lack of sales, it became evident that they were struggling with the same syndrome.

As a consultant you can get a “birds eye” picture of the problem and solutions come in to focus quite clearly. The solutions were always there, but somehow the company or individual is literally blinded by problem.

Personally, I need a distraction from the problem to refocus. It’s a little like looking at the 3D Stereograms where you have to stare at a pattern and change your focus to see a picture within a pattern. Problems are just like that. Within lies a solution but often our focus is wrong. I need to go for a run or bike ride to empty my head a little and return to the situation with renewed clarity.

Remember, next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed, that you have to look at a problem and make sure you are staring past it to find the solution, just like the 3D stereogram.

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