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Technology confusionIn the late 1980’s I moved to Canada from the UK. At that time I owned and operated printing companies and so naturally before too long I ended up owning the printing company in the town I moved to, Canmore, Alberta.

It was the dawn of the personal computer. Prior to that we were using phototypesetting machines. Big clunky computer with LED displays that were not WYSIWYG so all you saw was a line of red type with a few commands to set size of type, position on the page, font selection etc. It was at best confusing but it was what I had grown up with.

The time finally came to modernise. I had two choices, an Apple desktop system, the top choice for graphic designers and printers or a 386 PC. It was an easy choice. The Apple system was $32,000 and the PC system was $26,000. Today that PC system has far less computing power than the computer in my old car but such is life.

The salesman asked me if I wanted the computer delivered or would I take it with me. “Delivered” I insisted and working…

A few days later the salesman arrived. Turned my new $26,000 computer on and bingo – it would not work. He spent the whole day until 11pm attempting to get it to work. Finally at 11pm he showed me a logo on the screen for one of my programs, Corel Draw and exclaimed that he had done his job. I released him to travel back to Calgary and went home myself.

The next day I turned my machine on and – you guessed it – nada, zip, rien, nothing!

It was that time I started to learn about technology. I read the DOS manual and the Windows manual cover to cover and then uninstalled and reinstalled everything myself.

Since then I have delved in to new technology with a vengeance. However, if you are like me, it is easy to get confused.

For many people the digital world is at best confusing, yet in actual fact the secret to increased productivity is contained in the gillions of bytes floating around the internet and in the cloud! In order to help, I am in the process of creating an online webinar focused on how to use technology to your advantage instead of using technology to make you busy.

Stay tuned for some tips and tricks on how to improve your productivity using resources that are readily available but that you probably do not know exist!

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