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Self loveIf you got this far unscathed, congratulations. I believe it is going to be an awesome year.

My column in the local news media is now titled “It’s All About…. You may think it is a little self absorbed to write a column that looks as though it is all about me. However, those of you who know me will understand that is not the case.

I want to focus in numerous topics that often have an obvious root and talk about the root. Perhaps it will be about starting a business, perhaps about staying focussed, whatever it may be, I am looking forward to the journey.

2015 is looking very exciting. I am entering a year where I have more bookings for keynote presentations than I have ever had and new business projects to keep me busy. What would life be without an adventure? A little less interesting as far as I am concerned, so I have a few of those planned too. Either way, I hope you find the musings in 2015 engaging.

To start off I wanted to talk briefly about new years resolutions. I saw the attached graphic on the internet and it made me think about how self absorbed resolutions tend to be. What if we tweaked the intent to spend more time with others we love and care for or would like to care for…

Instead of “Eat like you love yourself” we could vow to “Never eat alone”

Instead of “Move like you love yourself” we could perhaps vow to “Make new friendships by getting out of our comfort zone and learning to dance”

Instead of “Speak like you love yourself” we could perhaps vow to “Spend more time listening to others as they speak rather than waiting for our turn to speak”

Instead of “Acting like you love yourself” we could “Ensure that we tell people we love them”

After all, what good is it to accomplish something and not be able to share the accomplishment with friends.

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